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Most popular model AUSBAU-PRO8 with additional options for a customer in Serbia

When purchasing loading ramps, customers often choose additional options for them. They increase the functionality and useful lifetime of the loading dock.

A mobile ramp with a carrying capacity of 8 tons was produced for a Serbian company that develops transport systems. Selected by the customer AUSBAU-PRO8 is perfect for loading and unloading operations in factories and warehouses.

This mobile ramp model is easy to use – it is easily moved by a forklift to any convenient place with using a tow pole. The height of the mobile ramp can be adjusted from 90 to 165 centimeters. It allows to use a dock at different height levels in warehouses and to work with many types of transport.

To expand the functionality of the ramp and provide even greater convenience in use, the client chose several additional options:

  • adjustable supporting legs. Provide additional insurance against the fall of the ramp if the truck drives off, and also increase the rigidity of the structure;
  • extra pair of wheels. Responsible for greater mobility of the ramp. This is useful when moving the ramp over uneven surfaces such as earth or sand;
  • electric hydraulic station. Provides more convenience and increases the hydraulic ramp lifting speed. Employees do not have to work with a hand pump – they can just manage the process through the remote control;
  • zinc coated grating instead of the usual one. Protects the carriageway of the ramp from corrosion and increases its service life. Reliable material allows you to safely use the ramp in all weather conditions.

AUSBAU mobile ramps will be an excellent solution of logistics problems for your company. You can find out about the features of the model line of our loading equipment and additional options by calling one of the numbers listed above.

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