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Ramp for vans

This is special designed truck ramp for loading/unloading commercial vehicles at standard dock gates of modern warehouses.

Our team studied tens of specifications for hundreds of models of commercial vehicles, we analyzed carefully reports about top sales models on European market, our engineers modelled different executions in order to find best choice for different vehicles and here is the result – AUSBAU-VR.


Load of ramp, kg 5000 / 8000
Total length of the ramp, mm 11000 / 12000 / 13000
The total width of the ramp, mm 2450 / 6100
Width of riding surface, mm 2350-6000
Length of sloping part, mm 5000 / 6000 / 11000 / 13000
Working height, mm 500-700
Height of the safety railings, mm 180
Number of folding races, pcs 2
Angle of slope of ramp 2.42 / 5.74 / 6.32
Material S235
Carriageway surface grating
Components set of chains on the ramp – 2 pcs
Warranty 18 months



# Model Load, kg N H NH A F T
Standard models
1 VR8-N6000-H7000xF2350-A600 * 8000 6000 7000 13000 600 2350 2450 5.74
2 VR8-N5000-H7000xF2350-A550 ** 8000 5000 7000 12000 550 2350 2450 6.32
3 VR5-N6000-H5000xF2350-A650 *** 5000 6000 5000 11000 650 2350 2450 6.22
Custom models – no level-offs (H)
4 VR8-N13000-H0xF2350-A550 8000 13000 0 13000 550 2350 2450 2.42
5 VR5-N11000-H0xF2350-A650 5000 11000 0 11000 650 2350 2450 2.87
Custom models — extra wide, for two dock gates ****
6 VR8-N6000-H7000xF6000-A600 8000 6000 7000 13000 600 6000 6100 5.74
7 VR8-N5000-H7000xF6000-A550 8000 5000 7000 12000 550 6000 6100 6.32
8 VR5-N6000-H5000xF6000-A650 5000 6000 5000 11000 650 6000 6100 6.22

* best choice – for all types of commercial vehicles, small and medium.
** for medium commercial vehicles, like Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco Daily, VW Crafter, Fiat Ducato and similar.
*** for small commercial vehicles like Renault Traffic, VW Transporter, Ford Transit Custom, Peugeot Expert and similar.
**** shipped devided into 3 parts.


AUSBAU-VR helps to eliminate difference in heights of commercial vehicles (500-700 mm) and height of dock gates, dedicated for big semi-trailers (1100-1200 mm ). Van arrives to the dock gate and after riding on the AUSBAU-VR ramp, it becomes higher, and its loading height (distance from ground to van floor) becomes similar to dock gate height, which allows to make loading/unloading just from warehouse.

Standard set includes steel gratings as riding surface, protective 180 mm safety railings preventing falling van from ramp, kit for fixing ramp to ground and warehouse wall. Besides that customer can order special optional features, which will upgrade his ramp, improve usability and ergonomics of usage, safety of work.

Protiposuvné zarážky (2 páry)
Wheels chocks, 2 pairs – additional protection of truck from moving (blocks rear wheels) when loading/unloading process is going.
Sada 4 zdvihů kol 100 mm
Set of 4 pcs wheel risers for 100 mm – allows to increase additionally height of the van if it is too small to reach dock gate level.
Mechanický nakládací most
Mechanical spring bridge – makes connection between dock gate and truck floor.
Poręcze na rampę o wysokości 1000 mm
Handrails on the ramp – safe walking on the ramp for pedestrians with 1100 mm handrails. Mounts instead of 180 mm fences.
OPT-LD - cтълба за водача на товарача, която ви позволява да слезете от рампата към земята.
Stairs for truck driver – easy to get out from van to ground safely.
Wheels set on the ramp – allows to move ramp from one dock gate to another using forklift.
Žebřík OPT-LDPP s plošinou pro řidiče vysokozdvižného vozíku.
Stairs + platform – it allows truck driver to step first of all at platform and then go downstairs using ladder (different vans have different lengths, meaning different positions of drivers door).

You can see more photos in the gallery


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