AUSBAU company can design and manufacture customized mobile ramps, perfectly suited to your purpose. Our AUSBAU team of qualified engineers, designers and technologists has gained considerable experience in the production of mobile ramps of any load capacity.

yard ramp

Production of AUSBAU mobile ramps as per customer order, load capacity up to 30 000 kilograms.

Besides standard ramp models (6, 8, 10 and 12 tons), our customers can order unique bespoke mobile ramps of individual sizes and characteristics. Especially for such orders, our designers and engineers recalculate the load limits. They develop new drawings, taking into account the ramp operating surface, increase the ramp’s width, change the minimum and maximum height levels, and strengthen the wheels.

mobile ramp for unloading trucks

AUSBAU mobile ramp characteristics, which can be changed at the request of the customer:

  • load capacity - from 6 to 30 tons and more;
  • total length - in case of special need up to 15 meters or more;
  • total width - up to 2,515 mm and even wider;
  • forklift tow hitch is located on the right side of the ramp. But if carriageway is more than 2300mm wide, than tow hitch will be placed on the center, between two folding entries.;
  • safety side height - 0 to 1,000 mm;
  • height level - min. and max. heights, hydraulics operating range no more than 80 cm. For example, the minimum height is 750 mm, the maximum is 1,550 mm;
  • color, additional marking;
  • additional wheel sets;
  • the electric pump;
  • galvanized platform, additional anti-skid characteristics;
  • mounted curtain over the frame;
  • additional supporting legs (increasing firmness).
  • Our company guarantees high-quality of AUSBAU loading ramps and confidence that your investment will last. For a free professional advice please call +3197010280898 or leave a request at our site.

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