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AUSBAU railcar loading ramp constructing

Recently, many customers have inquired about the construction of railcar loading ramps.

Perhaps this is due to the improvement of the global and Ukrainian economic climate. But for some customers, the versatility of AUSBAU railcar loading ramp use is very important. For example, the construction of AUSBAU ramps for railcar loading and unloading implies the possibility of entering a car either directly or with a turn, if the equipment is placed parallel to it.
Railcar loading ramps which are placed parallel to the railroad tracks should have a large horizontal platform so that the forklift truck can turn at the top at an angle of 90 degrees and enter the car. While constructing a railcar loading ramp, it’s necessary to take into account the overall size of the forklift truck and the load transported. It is very important for a railcar loading ramp, which is set parallel, since the forklift truck needs to turn 90 degrees to get into the car and turn 0-90 degrees in the car.
Therefore, the upper ramp platform should be very wide and stable to provide the forklift truck with the necessary space for maneuvers.
To successfully implement the task and to provide the right dimensions of the railcar loading ramp, that do not exceed the economical transportation capabilities of the land transport, we produce the upper platform with wide and long lateral folding platforms. These platforms are connected to the ramp by strong joints. On the other hand, when leaning on the car platform, they provide the specified parameters of the ramp’s upper platform.

You can find more information about AUSBAU mobile ramps in our catalog.
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