Tightening labor protection rules and requirements for safe loading and unloading operations oblige enterprises to switch to reliable and comfortable solutions for logistic operations. One such solution is the use of the mobile steel dock board AUSBAU.
The mobile steel dock board AUSBAU provides a safe connection between a concrete ramp and a vehicle’s body for entry inside the body with both a forklift and a hydraulic trolley. Our fully welded mobile steel dock boards are designed specifically for use when loading and unloading vehicles out of concrete ramps which are not equipped with hydraulic platforms.

The mobile steel dock board AUSBAU is not only

a convenience but also a guarantee of confident and secure operation from any concrete ramp.

Mobile steel dock board AUSBAU-SDB

Following the global trends in warehouse equipment, studying the latest developments of American and European colleagues, improving and adapting key nodes for local specificity, our company has launched the line of mobile steel dock boards AUSBAU. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable and safe handling equipment.

Technical characteristics of the mobile steel dock board AUSBAU:

  • load capacity: 2 and 6 tons;
  • length: 900, 1200 and 1500 mm;
  • width: 1500 and 1800 mm;
  • height difference: 75, 125, 175 and 225 mm.
  • protective bumpers;
  • eyelets for transportation of the mobile steel dock board by means of a forklift;
  • clamps to prevent bias of the mobile steel dock board;
  • reinforced stiffening ribs ensuring comfortable and safe operation of the warehouse equipment.
  • Steel dock board AUSBAU-SDB

    While choosing a mobile steel dock board, we advise our customers to decide on:

  • length of the mobile steel dock board. Since the acceptable height difference between a ramp and a truck body depends on this parameter;
  • load capacity. It is necessary to understand which kind of warehouse equipment is presumed to use on the mobile steel dock board - a heavy forklift or a trolley with light cargo. The required load capacity for the mobile steel dock board depends on it;
  • type of transport used. The height of a body of light commercial vehicles and refrigerators/ vehicles with containers on board might differ by tens of centimeters;
  • desired width of the mobile steel dock board. The comfort of loading or unloading vehicles depends on it. We recommend the mobile steel dock boards 30-50 cm wider than the width of a forklift with a cargo. For improved loading of a vehicle to the last row, we offer the option of a mobile steel dock board with increased width.
  • Dimensions of standard models AUSBAU-SDB:

    Skhema mostik AUSBAU SDB

    #  Model Load, kg Dimensions, mm
    E F G H
    1 AUSBAU-SDB3-90-150 3000 900 1500 1600 75
    2 AUSBAU-SDB3-120-150 3000 1200 1500 1600 125
    3 AUSBAU-SDB3-150-150 3000 1500 1500 1600 175
    4 AUSBAU-SDB3-120-180 3000 1200 1800 1900 125
    5 AUSBAU-SDB3-150-180 3000 1500 1800 1900 175
    6 AUSBAU-SDB8-90-150 8000 900 1500 1600 125
    7 AUSBAU-SDB8-120-150 8000 1200 1500 1600 175
    8 AUSBAU-SDB8-150-150 8000 1500 1500 1600 225
    9 AUSBAU-SDB8-120-180 8000 1200 1800 1900 175
    10 AUSBAU-SDB8-150-180 8000 1500 1800 1900 225


    One of the main advantages of the mobile steel dock board AUSBAU is its low price, derived from a simple but effective design.
    Production time: 10-20 business days or from stock

    Warranty: 12 months 

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