Forklifts’ attachment comprises the products due to which a forklift is turned into universal equipment. One of the options offered by our company is the forklift lifting hook AUSBAU-GH. This is a simple and economical way to safely hang cargo under the forklift' forks.
The hook is indispensable for transporting a variety of cargo. The slinging of cargo on a forklift with the hook is much easier.

Forklift lifting hook AUSBAU-GH

The forklift lifting hook is mounted on both forks of a forklift. For safe attachment to the forks of a forklift, the lifting hook is equipped with two large clamping T-screws, which allow fixing the hook to forks from the bottom side.
The bracket of the lifting hook can be placed at any length of the forklift' forks, that allows working with a cargo of different sizes or wherever there are requirements to the place of capture.
The forklift lifting hook is equipped with a high-quality turning hook (swivel) and a clamp, and, like all our attachment, comes fully ready-to-use after the acceptance tests.

Technical characteristics of the forklift lifting hook AUSBAU-GH:

  • made of metal up to 12 mm thick;
  • lifting capacity from 1 to 3 tones;
  • equipped with a turning hook (with swivel);
  • rigging elements with a safety margin of 1:3 and 1:4;
  • LxWxH: 650x150x200 mm;
  • distance between openings - 300 mm;
  • coating - powder paint for metal.
  • Sizes of standard models AUSBAU-GH

    forklift hook 2

    # Model Type Load capacity, t Sizes, mm
    S H W L
    1 AUSBAU-FA-1GH1-165/65 1 pocket 1 200 65 165 180
    2 AUSBAU-FA-1GH2-165/65 1 pocket 2 200 65 165 180
    3 AUSBAU-FA-1GH3-165/65 1 pocket 3 200 65 165 180
    4 AUSBAU-FA-2GH1-165/65 2 pocket 1 200 65 165 570
    5 AUSBAU-FA-2GH2-165/65 2 pocket 2 200 65 165 570
    6 AUSBAU-FA-2GH3-165/65 2 pocket 3 200 65 165 570

    Production time: 12-17 business days
    Warranty: 12 months

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