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Forklift fork extensions AUSBAU-UV

The forklift fork extensions are ideal for the safe transportation of non-standard cargo which is larger than a standard one. Herewith the maneuvering of a forklift is maintained, which allows you to employ your warehouse equipment at 100%. Leveraging our equipment, you can easily deal with a non-standard cargo of oversized sizes.

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The forklift fork extensions AUSBAU are easily mounted on standard forks and fixed with locking pins that come with the product. The extensions are made of steel sheet 5-8 mm thick with bottom support plates up to 10 mm thick. The rounding at their edges allows transport pallets and other products, eliminating the risk of their damage.
Due to the removable pin, a forklift’s driver can easily put the extensions on the forks of a forklift, reliably fixing it from slipping off the paws, that corresponds to the most stringent safety regulations for working with such equipment. Our company produces the forklift fork extensions with minimally allowable clearance. Thus they tightly cover the native forklift forks and do not move in the process of operation.

The presence of such equipment in your company:

  • the ability to significantly expand the functionality of a forklift with minimal financial resources;
  • fast and reliable installation;
  • powerful construction;
  • ease of use and maintenance.

The company “AV-exim” offers a wide range of products at very attractive prices. Load/ unload twice more for the same time! Easily reach the farthest pallets!
Our forklift fork extensions are the perfect solution for your warehouse.

To calculate the price for the product, we need the following information about your forklift:

  • length of the native forks;
  • width of the native forks;
  • thickness of the native forks;
  • the desired length of the fork extensions

Warranty – 6 months.

CE Standard.

We offer our customers both standard models and forklift fork extensions of any sizes and shapes.

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