Forklifts' attachment AUSBAU is the perfect solution to transform your forklift into universal warehouse equipment.
Some companies ship their products in rolls instead of bags or pallets. Conducting loading and unloading operations of such products is a huge challenge. To solve this problem, we offer the forklift carpet poles AUSBAU.
The design of a forklift allows, using the attachment AUSBAU equipment, to quickly switch a forklift driver from pallets handling to rolls transportation. It saves the time of your employees, expands the possibilities of using a motor park and minimizes the risks of downtime.

Forklift carpet pole AUSBAU-DRN

The forklift carpet pole is being mounted on its carriage or forks and looks very similar to the forklift' forks. Herewith, you do not need to remove the native forklift' forks. In most cases, they are moved apart and remain on the edges of the carriage.
The forklift carpet pole is installed on the carriage of a forklift alike the forks. At first, the upper part of the forklift carpet pole is put on and clung to the carriage. After that, its lower part is inserted into a special slot and shifted to the right or to the left. The forklift carpet pole AUSBAU is made of high-quality steel, which ensures its strong and durable work. Our designers have developed several models of the forklift carpet poles. Thanks to our own production, we can suggest you exactly the model that, in terms of its diameter and design, will ideally fit your forklift. We take into account the length and diameter of the roll, its own weight, and the diameter of the spool. The narrowed end of the forklift carpet pole allows you to conveniently position it while entering inside of the spool or roll. At the same time, there are no sharp edges at the end, so the risk of accidental damage is minimized.

We produce several standard models of the forklift carpet poles, which differ by:

  • load capacity - from 113 to 316 kg;
  • length - from 1500 mm to 3000 mm;
  • pin diameter - from 40 mm to 60 mm.
  • Aside from standard models, we can also offer unique solutions that would perfectly meet individual customer needs.
    The availability of highly-qualified engineering and design personnel, who are fluent with the entire spectrum of modern software, allows us to solve even the most complex tasks:

  • more load capacity;
  • longer pin;
  • special dimensions;
  • unique mounting, etc.
  • While either ordering standard models or requesting for calculation of custom solutions, please inform us of the nature of loading/ unloading operations, the type of cargo, its dimensions and any other relevant information. The more useful information we receive, the more effective the solution we can offer.

    Dimensional data:

    Dimensions on forklift carpet poles:

    Model Diameter (D), mm Length of the forklift carpet pole (L), mm Total length (F), mm Height (H), mm Center of weight Load, kg
    AUSBAU-DRN-40/1500 40 1500 2355 210 750 150
    AUSBAU-DRN-40/1750 40 1750 2605 210 875 129
    AUSBAU-DRN-40/2000 40 2000 2855 210 1000 113
    AUSBAU-DRN-50/1500 50 1500 2355 225 750 185
    AUSBAU-DRN-50/1750 50 1750 2605 225 875 157
    AUSBAU-DRN-50/2000 50 2000 2855 225 1000 138
    AUSBAU-DRN-60/1500 60 1500 2365 240 750 316
    AUSBAU-DRN-60/2000 60 2000 2865 240 1000 237
    AUSBAU-DRN-60/2500 60 2500 3365 240 1250 190
    AUSBAU-DRN-60/3000 60 3000 3865 240 1500 145



    ATTENTION: Also, based on your request, we can manufacture the forklift carpet poles of any sizes and forms.

    Production time: 15-20 business days from the date of order.

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