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AUSBAU mobile ramp for the agro-industrial complex

For many years, we’ve gained rich experience of working with clients purchasing our AUSBAU mobile ramps for the agricultural sector.

Actually, we haven’t developed a special model with special structural elements for this purpose. The thing is that AUSBAU mobile ramp stands out among the other products due to its multipurpose usefulness and does not require any adaptation to the needs of a particular customer.

Before you buy a mobile loading ramp, you should pay attention to the features of its use.

We think that the most distinctive features of using this equipment in the agricultural sector are:

1. Seasonality. Usually, the mobile ramp is used during the period of the greatest economic activity of the agro-industrial complex i.e. in spring-autumn. Thus, in spring, mobile ramps are used for unloading seeds, and in summer, they are needed to efficiently unload vehicles with fertilizers, load finished products into trucks and carriages, etc. After harvesting and until the start of planting works, the ramp is practically not used.

2. Difficult working conditions. Agro-industrial equipment is often used in the open air, under conditions of high dustiness and on uneven surface. That is why we recommend to install a hydraulic lifting system on AUSBAU mobile ramps, since:

a) hydraulics is not afraid of moisture that can push out oil. And the use of hydraulic oil ensures constant lubrication of the cylinders;

b) the dust problem is easily solved by changing the oil;

c) hydraulics is more flexible and unpretentious to the surface under the mobile ramp.

3. Staff. Often, the most available low-skilled workers do seasonal work. Therefore, when designing the ramp, we take into account the error factor and try to minimize the probability of breakage due to unskilled use.

There are several other factors of using the AUSBAU mobile ramps that are unique to the agro-industrial complex, but our products easily cope with them.

You can find more information about AUSBAU mobile ramps in our catalog.
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