The AUSBAU-CB container ramp (bridge for containers) is a specific type of loading equipment. It is intended for loading and unloading sea containers with a forklift or hydraulic trolley. The bridge allows to even the difference between the ground level and the container for the smooth entry of transport.

Container ramp AUSBAU-CB

The forklift ramp for containers is simple and reliable. The bridge is made of steel sheet, making it strong and durable. It is ideal for loading operations in conditions of intensive usage.

One of the main advantages of container ramp is its mobility. The bridge can be moved through the warehouse using a forklift. The bridge has special built-in pockets for picking up and transporting by the forklift.

The portable ramp is transported to the container and placed in front of it. The bridge is attached to the container by a chain with a hook, thus preventing its slipping or displacement during usage.

The overall dimensions of AUSBAU container ramp corresponding to the dimensions of the opening of standard aperture of the container and can be changed according to individual request of the client.

ASUBAU-CB container ramp specifications

  • loading – 6-12t;
  • length – 1700 mm;
  • width – 2100-2300 mm;
  • lift height - 165 mm;
  • steel construction;
  • diamond steel sheet;
  • built-in pockets;
  • chain with bracket for fixing.
  • We are ready to offer several solutions for loading sea containers with the AUSBAU-CB container ramp. The well-established production of the loading equipment AUSBAU allows to offer our clients loading ramps of any tonnage.

    Container ramps are made in a short time, have low price, which makes them attractive for purchase.

    Standard dimensions of AUSBAU-CB models



    # Model Loading, kg Dimensions, mm
    A D E F H
    1 AUSBAU-CB6 6000 1500 200 1700 2100 165
    2 AUSBAU-CB8 8000 1500 200 1700 2100 165
    3 AUSBAU-CB10 10000 1500 200 1700 2100 165
    4 AUSBAU-CB12 12000 1500 200 1700 2100 165
    5 AUSBAU-CB6(CD=2300) 6000 1500 200 1700 2300 165
    6 AUSBAU-CB8(CD=2300) 8000 1500 200 1700 2300 165
    7 AUSBAU-CB10(CD=2300) 10000 1500 200 1700 2300 165
    8 AUSBAU-CB12(CD=2300) 12000 1500 200 1700 2300 165


    Production period: 0-30 calendar days from the moment of order to the moment of dispatch from our warehouse

    Warranty: 12 months

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