The forklift snow plough AUSBAU-OPV is the ideal solution for snow removal in winter. Due to such equipment, you can clean the entire area, spending just a few minutes instead of hours as it used to be.
The forklift snow plough is used primarily for cleaning snow from the territory of your enterprise. Yet it can be also used for dealing with bulk cargo.

 Forklift snow plough AUSBAU-OPV

The main advantages of the forklift snow ploughs:

  • the attachment of the forklift snow plough is fast and reliable;
  • reinforced construction;
  • gentle contact with the surface being cleaned due to the rubber edge;
  • less load on the forklift' chassis due to the possibility of side dumping;
  • adjustable rotation angle;
  • dumping to the left or right, depending on the need;
  • ease of use by forklift' driver.
  • Dumps AUSBAU-OPV

    Technical characteristics of the forklift snow ploughs AUSBAU-OPV:

  • welded shovel, metal thickness up to 8 mm;
  • width of the shovel can be 1.3, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.25, 2.5 m;
  • height of a shovel - 0.65 m;
  • raising and lowering of the bucket using a carriage;
  • mechanical turn of the dump (at the angle of 25°);
  • a technical plate of 40 mm thick is installed on the bucket;
  • reinforced rubber with silicone fibers provides frost resistance up to -30°;
  • universal mount on any type of a forklift;
  • full set (the unit is immediately ready for work).
  • The quality guarantee is 12 months.

    Dimensions of the dumps AUSBAU-OPV:

     #  Model
    Dump width (So), mm

    Rotation angle

    (α), degrees

    The width of the working area

    when turning the dump

    (Sp), mm

    Dump height


    1 AUSBAU-OPV-1300 1300 25 1180 500-550
    2 AUSBAU-OPV-1500 1500 25 1360 600-650
    3 AUSBAU-OPV-1750 1750 25 1580 650-700
    4 AUSBAU-OPV-2000 2000 25 1810 700-800
    5 AUSBAU-OPV-2250 2250 25 2040 700-800
    6 AUSBAU-OPV-2500 2500 25 2260 700-800

    Production time: 5-15 business days from the date of order.

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