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Forklift bucket AUSBAU-KM

The forklift bucket AUSBAU-KM is one of the most sought-after products among forklift attachments which are manufactured by our company. Its use increases the versatility of the use of warehouse equipment. Very fast installation on the forks of a forklift allows instantly change a forklift’ assignment.

The forklift bucket is used to transport bulk products, such as sand, grain, snow, garbage, etc. Yet our forklift buckets cannot be used for earthwork.

Welded frame metal thickness up to 8 mm
Bucket volume 0.5–1.5 m3 and more (upon request)
The width can be 1.2, 1.3, 1.7, 1.9 m
Raising and lowering of the bucket using a carriage/hydraulics
Edge reinforced
Tipping bucket mechanism without hydraulics
Universal mounting on any forklift regardless of the type of carriage
The bevel of the internal part of the bucket reduces the need for its manual cleaning of residual material
Damping mechanism prevents the bucket damage from sudden tipping
Full set the unit is immediately ready for work
Warranty 6 months


 #  Model
Volume, m3 Dimensions, mm
1 AUSBAU-KM-500 0,5 1200 1000 500
2 AUSBAU-KM-750 0,75 1300 1200 550
3 AUSBAU-KM-1000 1 1700 1300 650
4 AUSBAU-KM-1500 1,5 1900 1500 600

They are indispensable in the winter when it is necessary not only to shovel the snow but also to stock it in a pile. In comparison with the forklift snow ploughs which are also produced by our company, the forklift bucket helps to deal with the snow that goes on several days in a row. When there is no place anymore to clean snow, it has to be compiled in a pile. The forklift bucket allows raising snow on height and freeing up the working space.

AUSBAU produces mechanical and hydraulic buckets AUSBAU-KM.

The mechanica shovel does not require complex installation using hydraulics, reconnection of high-pressure hoses, tightening fittings and other actions that require complex operations. Any forklift’ driver will cope with the installation of our bucket since the attachment of the bucket to the forklift has virtually no difference from the taking of a regular pallet.

The hydraulic bucket is installed on the forklift forks and using forklifts hydraulic system it carries out front loading/unloading of any bulk materials.

The hydraulic cylinder of the bucket is connected to the existing forklifts hydraulic system. It allows to control the hydraulic bucket directly from the forklift’s cab.

The reliable construction and easy installation of hydraulic bucket increases the efficiency of the work performance and the functionality of forklifts.

The reinforced edge allows extending equipment lifetime as much as possible. Having bought the forklift bucket, our customers receive an indispensable assistant in a warehouse. Moreover, it is widely used not only for cleaning snow, but also for filling bulk raw materials, coal and wood pellets into acceptance bins.
The forklift bucket AUSBAU-KM does not require any special tools for installation. It is easily installed and removed from a forklift, thereby saving time and avoiding downtime.

CE Standard.

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