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Montážne plošiny pre vysokozdvižný vozík AUSBAU-WP

The forklift safety cage, so-called a forklift access platform, is often used in the warehouses. Such equipment is needed in the warehouses with high ceilings.

Our company produces forklift baskets AUSBAU, making a forklift multifunctional. Such a piece of equipment does not require large expenditures since it’s mounted on an existing forklift, directly on its forks. Due to the safety cage, a forklift can lift people and cargo to a height of up to 9 meters (depending on the model of a forklift).

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Forklift access platform is indispensable for many types of work in which the lift to the height of workers, building materials and tools is needed, for example, for cleaning, repair, and installation work. With our forklift safety cage, the process of replacing fluorescent lamps has never been so easy and convenient. The forklift access platform AUSBAU is the forklift attachment, which allows performing high-altitude work with maximum safety for people.

The company AV-exim is a manufacturer of warehouse equipment, so you can buy forklift attachment for a forklift at the manufacturer’s price.

The forklift basket is metal construction. It consists of a platform fenced around its perimeter by a railing. It is completed with a wicket, reliable fastening for the forklift‘ forks and secure floor to ensure the safety of the operation. On customer request, the platform can be equipped with industrial rollers for ease of its movement.

As manufacturer, we can produce a forklift access platform in accordance with any customer’s demand.

Warranty – 6 months.

CE Standard.

  • length – 1000-1200 mm;
  • width – 800-1000 mm;
  • fence height – 1000 mm;
  • total height – 1800 mm;
  • load capacity – 300 kg;
  • made of high-quality steel;
  • improved visibility due to beveled corners of the rear wall;
  • high railings for employee safety;
  • the ability to enter the basket from two sides;
  • fencing (O2) retracts outwards;
  • optional components: protective net, safety chain for attachment to the carriage, installer’s belt, rollers for manually moving the bucket across the territory, tool box with a stand for easy recording or counting, which is easily mounted from any side of a bucket.

 # Model Load, kg Dimensions, mm Fork pockets, mm
Min height Height max., with fencing. Length Width Platform’s tray height Centre-to-centre distance Width Height Length
H2 A B E C D F G
1 WP03-1000×1000 300 1000 1800 1000 1000 150 600 190 70 200
2 WP03-1200×800 300 1000 1800 800 1200 150 600 190 70 200
OPT-WP-IC-1 toolbox.
OPT-WP-WL castors on the basket (2 fixed + 2 swivel with brake).
OPT-WP-PB-1 safety belt with 1500mm wire rope.
OPT-WP-LC-1 compartment for long items.
OPT-WP-GT wicket gate with lock latch.

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