Being one of the leaders in the production of loading ramps, the company "AV-exim" seeks to solve any problem that arises in the process of logistics operations.

We produce not only standard models of ramps, but, importantly, we manufacture equipment for individual customer parameters.

In 80% of cases, the most optimal solution is AUSBAU universal mobile and stationary ramps. However, during the process of loading and unloading, customers sometimes encounter with non-standard tasks. For example, the need to drive in with bulky equipment that makes impossible to use standard mobile ramps for forklifts. This applies primarily to companies operating in the agricultural, construction, military-industrial sector and dealing with combines, tractors and other heavy equipment.

Prefabricated ramp AUSBAU

Usually, the weight of such equipment exceeds the permissible limits for standard models of ramps. In addition, the dimensions of the equipment may not allow the use of a loading ramp with a width of 2000 mm and include the development of ramps with a wider carriageway.

The main difficulty is that increasing the width of the ramp makes it too wide for a truck semi-trailer and greatly complicates its transportation to the client.

Our design department has found a universal solution - collapsible ramps. The company "AV-exim" engineers and manufactures collapsible ramps AUSBAU, which allow us to solve the problem of driving large equipment on its surface and transporting such ramps to the client.

Loading ramps

Two parts are delivered to the client in a collapsible form, they are exposed and connected on the spot of delivery.

This allows you to increase the width of the ramp to solve the tasks. Our experience has shown that it is possible to use different versions of collapsible ramps with a width of 2500 to 4000 mm, while the loading capacity can vary from 8 to 20 tons. The reliability of such a ramp is not inferior to a ramp with an integral design, which is proved in practice.

We individually approach the solution of any tasks of our clients, taking into account the specifics, nature and intensity of loading operations.

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