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Že več kot 7 let dobavljamo mobilne rampe enemu od naših kupcev v različnih državah.

The quality and durability of AUSBAU loading equipment is a guarantee of many years of cooperation with our customers. For example, a company that produces construction and insulation materials has been ordering our mobile ramps for more than 7 years.

We made our first delivery in the fall of 2013. The mobile ramp AUSBAU-PRO8 was produced for the company in Ukraine. The standard model of the mobile ramp with a load of 8 tons is excellent for loading and unloading operations in warehouses and in the open air. Satisfied with the ease of use and comfort, in less than a year the customers ordered the same ramp for the Russian office.

We also produced an AUSBAU-PRO8 mobile ramp in autumn 2020 for a subsidiary of the same company in Germany. The customer later purchased four more of these ramps for operations in Poland.

Repeated orders and many years of cooperation with our partners are proof of the quality and reliability of AUSBAU mobile ramps. You can view the entire range of loading ramps in the catalog or consult the manager on the phone numbers above.

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