The company "AV-exim" designs and manufactures loading ramps of various sizes and parameters.

Having years of experience, we always take into account clients individual needs. We try to realize any tasks from our customers.

Most oftenly, customer requirs to reinforce the ramp, changing different parts sizes, as well as adding additional options - supporting legs, railings, tents, etc.

Prefabricate ramp AUSBAU

Last time, the company - the leading distributor of accessories for loading and construction equipment in Slovakia - needed a ramp, the dimensions of which differed significantly from the standard AUSBAU models.

The customer needed to double the width of the carriageway and to perform convenient and comfortable loading of production lines through ramp to the transport. The client also needed additional options – railing for the safe movement of the staff.

The main difficulty was that increasing the width of the ramp would make it too large to be transported in a truck trailer and would significantly complicate its transportation to the client.

As a result, it was decided to make a prefabricated ramp, which will consist from two parts, separately easily fited into the truck trailer. In a dismountable form, the ramp was delivered to the client, and there was already mounted and installed on site.

Thus, the ramp corresponded to all the specified customers requirements.

Follow link to learn more about prefabricate ramps that our company makes

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