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Humanitarian organizations


  Groix-Rouge fribourgeoise (Switzerland)
  Branch of the world-renowned humanitarian organization "Red Cross". Providing protection and assistance to victims of armed conflict and internal disturbances.


Manufacturers and suppliers of building materials


  National supplier of building materials under the brand YTONG, SOLBET, FIESTA, PORTI and others.


  Ukrainian enterprise included in the top five paint companies in the CIS. Trademarks: TRIORA, ZEBRA, Malva.
ferozit   Gelios Company
  Ukrainian manufacturer of building materials under the brand named Ferozit.
siltek   Terminal-M
  Ukrainian manufacturer of building materials under the brand named Siltek.
sement   Cement company
  One of the leading cement producers in Ukraine.
korosten   Korosten MDF Manufacture
  Ukrainian manufacturer of plywood, boards, laminate flooring.

Mining companies

 gok   Poltava Ore Mining and Processing Plant
  One of the largest mining companies in Ukraine and CIS countries. The main Ukrainian exporter of iron ore pellets.

Manufacturers and suppliers of automotive parts


  Pirelli& C.Eco Tehnology RO (Italy)
  Italian tire manufacturer. Is among the five world leaders in its segment.


  ADOZ.Ss.r.o (Czech republic)
  Czech company selling bearings.

 bummax logo1

  Ukrainian manufacturer of spare parts for vans and trucks Mercedes-Benz, Citroen, Daf, Fiat, Ford, Iveco, Man, Peugeot, Renault, VW.


  Autoflex-Knott Kft (Hungary)
  Hungarian company, one of Europe's largest manufacturers of components for light trailers.

Suppliers of automotive machines including road construction machinery

virtgen   Wirtgen-Service
  Ukrainian supplier of road construction equipment brands Wirtgen, Vogele, Hamm and others.


  Nies Automobile (Germany)
  German importer of cars and machinery from the U.S. to Germany.


  KAMAZ (Kazakhstan)
  A subsidiary of "KAMAZ" - the official distributor in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


  The official dealer of "KAMAZ" in Ukraine.

Manufacturers and suppliers of warehouse equipment


  Prodivision (Belarus)
  Supplier of building and warehouse equipment in the Republic of Belarus.


  Belpromimpex (Belarus)
  Belarusian company for the sale of lifting - transport equipment.

Equipment producers and suppliers


  Otis Elevator Company
  Ukrainian manufacturer of elevator and escalator equipment.
simferopol_motor_zavod   Simferopol motor plant
  One of the leading manufacturers of electric equipment in Ukraine and one of the few manufacturers in the CIS of inverter and choppernoho electric equipment.
feldman   Wilhelm Feldmann Druckluft Hedraulik Gmbh & Co. KG (Germany)
  The German company engaged in the manufacture, sale and repair of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, automation technology, repairs compressors and the like.
nasosenergoprom   Nasosenergoprom
  Ukrainian company for the sale of the pumping equipment.


  Ukrainian company specializing in integrated supply of equipment of television and telecommunications.

Logistics centers and warehouse complexes


  Thomas Sluis Slovakia s.r.o. (Slovakia)
  Slovak company engaged the services of cargo throughout Europe, has its own logistics center.


  Graf Spedishionsgesellschaft mbH (Germany)
  The German company engaged in shipping services across Europe, has its own logistics center.


  Binder KG (Austria)
  Austrian operator of warehouse complex and international logistic operator.


  Ukrainian operator of the warehouse.


  Ukrainian operator of warehouse complex and international logistic operator.
 logo vetimpex   Vitimpex
  Ukrainian operator of warehouse complex and international logistic operator.


  CPC Biocon LLC
  CPC Biocon LLC is a member of Biocon Group of companies and specializes in rendering of logistic services to international pharmaceutical companies.
    Transport Services  (Kazakhstan)
  Kazakhstan operator of the warehouse complex.


Enterprises producing and supplying metal

 22088   Hardware products factory
  Ukrainian manufacturer of machine-building and fixing carbon steel wire.
madesta   MADESTA
  MADESTA is a steel trading and service company, with the production facilities located in Ukraine.
24_element   24 element
  Ukrainian company specializing in the supply of sheet metal, rods and tubular metal from corrosion-resistant steels of the leading foreign manufacturers.


Enterprises of metallurgical industry


  Donetsksteel-metallurgical plant
  The leading Ukrainian producer of high quality sheet metal, rods and structural shapes.


  One of the largest mining and metallurgical complexes of Ukraine.

Fuel and energy enterprises

ekoprime   ECO PRIME Co.
  One of the largest producers of pellets in Ukraine.

Manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, equipment for the chemical industry


  The leader of the Ukrainian market of supply of laboratory equipment, chemicals.
Bang_Bonsomer   Bang & Bonsomer
  Ukrainian company engaged in the import and distribution of industrial raw materials and chemicals.


  Jurby WaterTech International 
  Ukrainian representative office of Jurby WaterTech International specializes in the production of equipment, chemicals and components for water purification.
makrohim   Macrochem
  Ukrainian supplier of chemicals, raw materials and equipment.


  Odessa Port Plant
  One of the largest enterprises of the chemical industry of Ukraine for the production and sale of ammonia and urea, liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide (silica), carbon, oxygen, liquid, sodium sulfate, etc.


  Ukrainian leading supplier of polyethylene pellets and raw materials for the production of PET packaging.
ergis   Ergis-Eurofilms S.A. (Poland)
  Leading in the central-eastern Europe, the Polish company specializing in plastics processing and manufacturing of products from PVC.


  Industrial y comercial marienberg limitada (Chile)
  Chilean producer of plant protection products.


  The Italian company, which is part of the Swiss chemical company Clariant - a world leader in the field of chemical products for the textile, iron and steel, paper and mining industries.
galopolimer   HaloPolymer Holding  (Russia)
  The Russian company - one of the world's largest producers of fluoropolymer products.
    Società Sarda di Bentonite (Italy)
  Italian manufacturer of chemical raw materials.


  Stakhanov Factory of Technical Carbon
  One of the two companies-producers of carbon black in Ukraine.
ukravit   Ukravit
  The largest Ukrainian manufacturer of crop protection products and substances to improve crop yields.


  The largest company in Ukraine in the field of distribution of plant protection products, seeds of field crops, fertilizers and fertilizers for foliar feeding.
dem_gavriel   Dem. S. Gavriel & Co (Greece)
  Major operator mineral fertilizer market in Greece.


  Grodno Azot (Belarus)
  Venture petrochemical complex in the Republic of Belarus.

Light industry enterprises


  Ukrainian manufacturer of furniture, textiles, and accessories.


  TOLNATEXT Fonalfeldolgozo es Muszakiszo (Hungary)
  Hungarian manufacturer of textile materials.


  Eczacibasi Holding Co (Turkey)
  Ukrainian representative office of Turkish industrial group Eczacibasi, sells products for the home.

Enterprises for recycling and waste


  Microrubber (France)
  The French company, processing and manufacturing a wide range of rubber products and compounds.
pet_balriya   PET Baltija (Latvia)
  Latvian company specializing in the recycling of used PET bottles.


  Belarusian company engaged in the processing of waste.

Manufacturers and suppliers of pulp and paper products

    Tripolskiy packaging plant
  Ukrainian company that produces cardboard packaging.


  Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill
  One of the largest companies in Europe on cardboard and paper products, is part of the Austrian Pulp Mill Holding.


  MM Packaging
  Ukrainian plant that is part of the company Mayr-Melnhof Group - a leading manufacturer of cardboard packaging in Europe.


  Rubezhnoye Cardboard and Packaging Mill
  Ukrainian leader in the production and export of transport packaging made of corrugated cardboard.


  Ukrainian manufacturer of 3-layer corrugated cardboard.
poligraf   Polygrafsnab (Bulgaria)
  The Bulgarian company dealing with wholesale of polygraphic materials.


  Ukrainian manufacturer of 3-layer corrugated cardboard and packaging.

logo partner 4158211

  Premier Papier
  One of the leading Ukrainian suppliers of paper and polymer materials.

Manufacturers of household appliances

Samsung   Samsung Electronics Co. (Hungary)
  Hungarian plant, part of the Samsung Electronics Co. - the leader in the world market of electronics and digital media.


  Ukrainian factory, which is part of the Swedish company Electrolux - multinational household and professional appliances manufacturer.

Manufacturers of consumer goods


pg   Procter and Gamble Corporation in Ukraine
  Regional office of a global Procter & Gamble Co., bought equipment for the plant in the city of Ordzhonikidze (Dnipropetrovsk region).

Manufacturers of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Avon   Avon Products Inc. 
  Ukrainian representative office of Avon Products, Inc. - world leader in the beauty industry.

Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages

058   Odessa Plant of Sparkling Wines
  One of the leaders of the Ukrainian branch market, is a part of an international group of companies Gruppo Campari.


  Lidskoe pivo (Belarus)
  One of the oldest breweries in the Republic of Belarus. Is part of the international group Olvi - finnish brewery and soft drinks company.


  Crimean Wine House
  The company has a complete production cycle of wines. Part of the largest in Eastern Europe the international alcohol holding Global Spirits.


  INKERMAN International Group
  One of the leaders of Ukrainian wine under the brand named INKERMAN.

Food manufacturers

    Industrial group "Creativ" 
  One of the largest domestic producers of oil and fat products.


  SVZ Poland Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
  The global player in the market of fruit and vegetable ingredients.


  Uman Greenhouse Complex
  Ukrainian company in growing, processing and marketing of vegetables.


  Plumrose Lationoamericana (Venezuela)
  The Venezuelan company producing meat products and convenience foods.


  One of the three leaders of the tomato paste and sauces manufacturers in Ukraine.


  Intercorn Corn Processing Industry
  Ukrainian producer of starch and starch products.


  Ukrainian producer of mineral water and soft drinks.


  A national-wide company, one of the biggest food producers of Ukraine. 


  Alford-Regio Tesz ZRT (Hungary)
  Hungarian agricultural company in growing fruits and vegetables.


  Danone Group
  Danone Group is the world leader in dairy production.


  Ukrainian honey
  Specializes in the purchasing of Ukrainian honey from beekeepers of grasses and sunflowers and exporting of homogenized batches of honey to the EU and the U.S.


  Zenkovsky combine fodder factory 
  A part of the "UKROLIYA" - high-tech manufacturing facility, specializing in the processing of sunflower seeds. Directly the plant produces crude oil and fats, prepared animal fodder.


  IDS Group Ukraine
  Ukrainian company which is part of the international company IDS Borjomi International - the largest producer of natural mineral water bottled in the category of natural waters in the CIS and Baltic countries. The equipment was bought for Morshin and Mirgorod mineral water plants.


  Agrofusion group
  The biggest B2B tomato paste producer in Ukraine.


  Ukrainian Sugar Company
  Ukrainian company which is part of the ED & Man Holdings Limited, one of the world's leaders of sugar and coffee market.

Manufacturers of tobacco products

imperial_tobacco   Imperial Tobacco Ukraine
  Ukrainian office of the international tobacco company ITG, which is engaged in the manufacture, distribution and sale of a wide range of tobacco products.

Mobile Operators

life   Astelit
  GSM-mobile operator in Ukraine.


airmax   Airmax Cargo Budapest Kft (Hungary)
  The Hungarian company dedicated service terminal at Budapest airport.
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