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The structure of the mobile ramp, the main units

In the structure of ramps there are several main parts: a steel frame, the hydraulic part and a wheelbase. The main components of the ramps can be identified by reading the whole product name: Mobile hydraulic ramp.

Therefore “mobile” means that there is special device, which enables to move ramp, “hydraulic” refers to the principle of adjusting the height of the ramp, and finally “ramp” implies a connection between the earth and the body of the truck or the floor of the wagon.

Let’s look at these key units, in order of importance:
1. Metalwork. In the structure of the ramp AUSBAU, we only use the finest quality metal. For example, 70% of the weight falls on the ramp shaped pipes of various sizes and sections. Through the use of shaped tubes in the device ramps, we managed to reduce its weight by increasing product reliability. Rectangular tubes have 4 walls, which increase ramp structure reliability.
2. The hydraulic unit of the ramp. Using modern pump and optimal selection of hydraulic cylinders allow us to supply our customers the most comfortable working on the ramp.
3. Device for moving ramp. And the last element of the ramps, it is the wheelbase. It can perform a variety of means, but we are of the opinion that the optimum use of pneumatic wheels, similar to those used in forklifts. In cold weather, pneumatics behaves better molded rubber, and a thick layer of the tread protects the tire against punctures. Therefore, in the structure of ramps AUSBAU we use pneumatic wheels.

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